May 15, 2011

Manhattan Murder Mystery

Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993). Diane Keaton and Woody Allen traipsing through Manhattan trying to figure out if their elderly neighbor (Jerry Adler) murdered his wife. An enjoyable movie (Allen's 2006 comic-mystery Scoop is kind of a companion to it) that coasts on the charisma of its stars. Keaton's character drives the investigation--she's bored with her life and the prospect of a genuine murder mystery is just too tantalizing to ignore, dragging her neurotic, whiny, reticent husband (Allen) along. The banter between them is wonderfully witty, a lovely little tribute to the films they made in the 1970s like Annie Hall. I think this one is totally underrated. It's not as "important" as some of Allen's earlier films, but it's got a wonderfully vervy charm to it that keeps the viewer engaged in the comic suspense. With Alan Alda, Anjelica Huston, Joy Behar.

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